The smart Trick of ceesdekker That Nobody is Discussing

The smart Trick of ceesdekker That Nobody is Discussing

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Our team experiments bacterial mobile division and is also aiming to constitute a ‘base up biology’ in artificial cells which will autonomously divide. Our major curiosity lies in cell division, chromatin composition, and spatial Management.

‘It had been merely a make a difference of picking up a reserve on mobile biology and starting to study. I'd originate from a earth of ultra-superior vacuums, cryostats and quantum phenomena, and now I had been Functioning at room temperature with molecular biology kits.

2007, to start with actual-time detection of strand Trade in homologous recombination by RecA; discovery of a minimal persistence duration of ends of microtubules; and settled the system of biosensing with carbon nanotubes

2015, discovery that condensin is usually a remarkably flexible protein structure; and to start with detection of DNA knots working with nanopores

Immediate immobilization of native yeast iso-one cytochrome c on bare gold: quickly electron relay to redox enzymes and zeptomole protein-movie voltammetry

MATLAB codes for knowledge processing are available at . Julia codes useful for numerical simulation can be found at .

2000, discovery that nanotubes can carry remarkable large existing densities; settled the controversial challenge of electronic transport by DNA molecules by measurements of insulating behavior at The only molecule stage; and demonstration of the AFM method for solitary-molecule manipulation of nanotubes

This "Cited by" count contains citations to the next content in Scholar. Those marked * may very well be different from your report from ceesdekker the profile.

But carbon nanotubes have remained a investigate subject matter of appreciable fascination to a lot of. Without a doubt, the outlook on making use of carbon nanotubes to create useful gadgets, in locations such as radio-frequency electronics, electronic electronics and versatile electronics, stays vibrant.

‘The idea that There's this type of matter to be a beginning, an enormous bang, is previously a fascinating signpost to consider that there was a creator. But much more normally, and on The idea of pure rationality, I also get there in a Christian interpretation of truth. An atheistic worldview is usually a naturalistic worldview: fundamentally, you will find only atoms and organic forces that we will evaluate.

2006, to start with demonstration of molecular sorting within a lab over a chip using biomotors; discovery of nanobubbles in sound-condition nanopores; and to start with estimate of electrokinetic Power conversion in the nanofluidic channel

Developments in nanotechnology within the 1990s created constructing electronic units from solitary molecules a likelihood. Cees Dekker recounts how his crew designed a area-temperature transistor determined by one carbon nanotube.

Supercoiling-dependent DNA binding: quantitative modeling and purposes to bulk and solitary-molecule experiments

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